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Essential Seat Belt Cushions for Cancer Patients

Are you or is someone you know dealing with the pain from safety restraints that apply pressure directly on a portacath? A VadGuard cushion is the only device that is specially designed to eliminate seatbelt pressure on sensitive implants. We are familiar with the added pain that compounds the daily struggles of dealing with cancer and chemotherapy. For your convenience, we have developed the perfect solution to make it easier to manage pain and discomfort when riding in the car to and from treatment.

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For more than 10 years, our family-owned business in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has operated with the intent to give all patients relief from excruciating pain, every day. Whether you are an individual representing yourself or a medical group, our padded covers give you the added comfort needed when transporting patients. Chemotherapy and cancer are difficult to battle, but our reinforced pads will give you another reason to get into the car. In many cases, the main shoulder strap crosses the patient's chest directly over the implanted chemotherapy port. The resulting discomfort from seatbelt pressure causes many to skip the assembly, risking even greater injury and loss, despite common sense safety concerns and laws requiring seat belt use.

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