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Protect Your Chemotherapy Port with a Seat Belt Pad

Is your seat belt exerting unnecessary strain on your chemo port? VadGuard in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has developed an innovative seat belt pad that relieves that irritating seat belt pressure. For people living with the stress of on-going treatment, we are your source for this patented travel accessory and aid to daily living. Individuals who undergo chemotherapy or other drug therapies with an implanted chemotherapy port, catheter, portacath, or other Venous Access Device (VAD) will find a VadGuard cushion the perfect solution for safe and comfortable automobile travel.

*Patent No. US 6,576,808 B1

Belly Seat Belt Cushion

Order Your Cushion Now & Support Cancer Research

For each VadGuard device sold, we will donate $1.00 to one of the organizations interested in our outreach program. Simply select a donation recipient from a drop-down list on the order form. If your special advocacy group is not included on this list, you may want to contact them and encourage them to seek inclusion in our program. Cushions cost just $18.50, plus $3.50 for shipping and handling. Sales tax is applicable in Oklahoma only. Learn more about ways to cope with cancer with additional resources. Here are some links to other relates sites you may want to visit:

American Cancer Society | Cancer Care, Inc. | Children's Cause Cancer Advocacy | Colon Cancer Alliance | Colorectal Cancer Network |National Ovarian Cancer Coalition | Coping with Cancer | Pink Ribbon Gifts

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