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Mandatory seatbelt laws exist in 49 states,

the only exception being New Hampshire.

Of these 49 states, 17 have primary laws which enable law enforcement officers to ticket motorists based solely on an observed seatbelt violation. As a result, about 60 percent of the U.S. population is covered by primary seatbelt laws. The remaining states allow issuance of citations in conjunction with other vehicle violations.

The consistent use of seatbelts saves lives and reduces the possibility of serious injury in accidents. Many car insurance companies reduce benefits to accident victims who are not properly belted in.

A VADguard cushion shields a drug-therapy port so that an automobile safety assembly causes no discomfort in daily use.

Other types of implants - pacemakers, stomas, etc - often lie under the path of a seatbelt and/or shoulder strap. Pillows, rolled towels, and other make-do devices can slip and become dislodged, but a VADguard cushion will remain securely in place for both safety and peace of mind.

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